Gardener’s World 2017 – Episodes


Monty: Remove turf (and compost it), Potatoes planting (in bags), divide iris,
Francis: Barbados, Hunte’s Garden
Anniversary plant: acanasia
Visit: Chris Baines, Wildlife gardening, Wolverhampton
Jobs: Tidy up epimediums, prune gooseberries, pot on herbaceous plants


Monty: plant trained trees in a line, tomatoes sowing, plants clematis alpina against a wall 
Francis: Barbados, private gardens
Anniversary plant: Combine
Nick Baily: lykons, 
Jobs: prune Buddelja, sow parsnips and radish, ,


Monty: mulching, pruning hazels, prepare Dahlias,
Carol: plant of the month: March: Daffodils
Anniversary plant: Dahlias
Francis: Barbados, Andromeda Botanic Gardens
Jobs: Prune roses, sow peas, cut back grasses


Monty: explains changes at Longmeadow, pruning clematis, pruning wine, anniversary plant potting (primula), hellebores
Adam: visits Packwood House for inspiration
Carol: Garden legends: Beth Chatto
Jobs: divide snowdrops, sow broad beans, prune autumn-raspberries