Gardener’s World 2016 – Episodes


Monty: save a bee-swarm, honey-harvest, plant flowering plants, pot on orange tree in pot
Visits: prehistoric plants
Adam: London’s hidden gardens
Jobs: mulch strawberries, sow lettuces, feed clematis


Monty: Plant out dahlias, repair grass patches (small areas), plant tomatoes in the greenhouse,
Visit: Volunteers “Do something great”
Frances: plant out sweetcorn, cucumber, sow french beans, tomatoes
Jobs: Prick out raspberry runners, plant our courgettes, pinch out annuals for more flowers (cosmos)


Monty: move grass, plant fuchsia in a pot (with grass), plant iris and roses, 
Carol: Right plant, right place, mountain, valley, slopes, stone garden
Seth: primrose nation collection, in ground and pots
Jobs: skim off algae, plant out cabbage, support broadbeans


Monty: plant clematis, honeysuckle and peony on the “mount”, peas and beans to new veg-bed, plant out sweet peas,
Visit: Sissinghurst, Castle Garden 
Carol: Right plant for the right place: boundaries (fences, hedges)
Jobs: trim edges of the lawn, pot on squash seedlings, nip of tulip’s seed-heads


Visit Morven Garden Show.
Jobs: support herbaceous perennials, harden off plants, protect from birds


Monty: sowing seeds and planting in the cut-flower-garden, woven-bed-making, plants root-vegetable, potatoes from bags – next steps
Visit: Tulip-garden Pashley Manor Gardens
Frances: prick out tomato-plants
Nick: Visits Shakespeare-inspired garden, Shakespeare pieces plant-relations
Jobs: plant potatoes, plant lettuce on top of of them, cut back and feed pelargonuims, cut back sage


Monty: cut-flower borders (Gladiolus), propagate Dahlia, sowing peas, Nigel
Visit: Dahlia collection “Dahlia Heaven”
James-Alexander: cherry-blossoms in Alnwick gardens
Jobs: red and white currents, gooseberries cut-back, cut-back brambles, cut-back hydrangeas


Monty: feed bees in case of cold, planting in shade (hellebores, ferns, tirellas …), prepare a new vegetable-bed
Carol: visits a shady/moist garden
Frances Tophil: sows cucumbers, tomatoes, sweetcorn
Jobs: cut off seed-heads in containers/borders, mulch fruit trees, prick out seedlings


Monty: divide and replant hostas, plant potatoes in a container/bag, pot on bought bedding plants 
Gardening center visit, trends 2016, instant impacts
Joe: Behind the scenes: mega nursery for bedding plants
Jobs: cut back herbaceous perennials, pot up dahlia tubers, cut grass for the first time
Visit: orchid collection, tips and tricks around orchids


Monty: Celery sowing, plant a Serviceberry, sow clematis, hedgehogs hibernating – create places for wild-life,
Nick Baley?: visits a green-house in a harsh place in London (Barbican conservatory), – containing house-plants. 
Joe: how to prune a tree – big or small 
Visit: Clematis grower, varieties and tips and tricks, Clematis corner, Shillingford, Oxfordshire
Jobs: clean root off of weeds, prune climbing roses


Monty: cut down dried grasses, train am out-grown rose, planting lilies in pots,
Visit: Sissinghurst
Rachel: Winter flowering plants with strong scents
Joe: how to plant a tree
Jobs:: Cut back buddlejas, warm your soil (and dry out)


Monty: Dividing snowdrops, Garden tour after a warm winter,
Carol: visits early-flower-spring-garden Gelli Udchaf, Llandeile Carmarthenshire
Visit: The Salutation, recovered after flooding
Joe: tree nursery, trees for every garden
Jobs: Cut down autumn-fruiting raspberries, cut back clematis, sow chilis